1. A man in charge of the team is forced to enter into the proper match result on whatapps.
  2. This process must be done by both teams and each must give confirmation or not of the truth results posted by the opponents.
  3. Each team must play according to the date / time has been given. However, there is flexibility in terms of timing / clock (time only, not a date), can discuss with the opponent if they agree change other time)
  4. If your team and opponent agree to play earlier from fixed organizer date, no problem about that. But you can’t delay match without agreement from opponent or using POSTPONE TICKET only.
  5. All match must update result on Whatapps within 72 hours after fixed organizer time. If organizer don’t got any update from one (or both) in 72 hours, your team will declare as DRAW 0-0. But 1 point will cut from each team.
  6. If your team is 3 times the cumulative DRAW that did not play, your team will be automatically removed from the tournament (Disqualified) and banned for next season.
  7. Organizer will not update any delay data after 72 hours matchdays without open POSTPONE TICKET



Win  : 3 points
Draw: 1 point
Loss  : 0 Points


Loss for 3 to 0 with 0 Points


  1. The minimum number of players to play an MALAYSIA LEAGUE match is 4.
  2. If a team is not able to have 4 players for a fixed match of the tournament the opposite team receives a win by 1-0


  1. It’s NOT ALLOWED, even if the game engine allows to do it, charging, moving and bugging opposite goalkeeper on any type of free kick, corner etc.
  2. You have to provide a video as proof on TICKET PROTEST (streaming or recorded video work fine) that there was a clear charge on goalkeeper.
  3. Depending on the severity of the charge a team can ask for the cancellation of the result of a match during which the opposite team has taken advantage for a charge on the goalkeeper.
  4. The match can be re-played or, in case of charges without awareness and repeated in time, lost by 3-0.


  1. If given a timetable, and received confirmation from the other team , the match will be not played for not-attendance from one of the two, after 30 min from the set time the team deficit will automatically lose the match.
  2. Each team was given a POSTPONE TICKET of 3 times only per season.
  3. If don’t have any deal between the two teams, team want postpone matches must use POSTPONE TICKET.
  4. This ticket can be use before reaching 3 hours matchday.
  5. If don’t have any feedback from the opponent whether to continue the match @ postpone, after 15 minutes waiting on lineups, Awaiting team can UPDATE RESULT AS CLAIMS FREE WIN 2-0.
  6. Terms for CLAIM WITH A FREE WIN. Your team must upload / snap image latest lineups during waiting opponent come. Claim without latest lineups will not approve. That title must write “CLAIM FREE WIN OPPONENT NOT COME”.
  7. Please submit your postpone ticket at website or HERE


  1. FIFA 17 Hack trait. If organizer got PROTEST TICKET about this, that player will banned 2 match and that team will lose all match that player have play.
  2. To safeguard the rights of the competing teams, each protest will incur costs like at actual tournament.
  3. 1 PSN id for 1 club / team only. Please check your list player on website.
  4. Each team is aware of the opponent team (Cheat) or against the rules must be used (Ticket Protest) with snap image / video.
  5. UNREGISTERED – If unregistered playing in your team for this league, your team will lose home and away, if we got protest.


  1. To take cognizance of a hypothetical unfairness in the game, that team can open TICKET PROTEST here :
  2. Let you know right now that only the Ticket Protest widely documented by videos.
  3. The staff will give the response with the sanction inside the Ticket Protest opened, and the two teams can provide materials to help the admins to take the right decision. NO FLAME ALLOWED.
  4. The time limit to open a Ticket is within 24 hours from the fact, will not be taken into account tickets opened over the time limit.


  1. Card receiver calculated by match home and away. (Not a team)
  2. 2 Yellow cards accumulated sequentially – banned 1 next match
  3. 1 Red Card – banned 1 next match
  4. If got PROTEST TICKET, your team LOST 2-0 where that banned player played.


  1. It is not permitted to leave, or replay games, in the event of a crash player after 5 minutes of play.
  2. The abandonment before the 5th minute must be promptly notified by the captain of a team to the opposing captain, and always on the result of 0 to 0.
  3. Can leave or replay the match in 2 times only per Team.


  1. In the event that a team withdraws from the competition, the results of the played match will be not cancelled, while all the missing match will be assigned to for forfeit opposing teams.
  2. In the case of withdrawal from the league the team concerned shall not take part in the next season of the same league and will be placed on the waiting list and considered as a new club losing all earned title during his journey.



We play to add more online friends; together we simplify dealings with the opposing team. Discretion and tolerance is the main motive of the organization of this league.

 Mempeteh (tackle friends leg are not allowed)

“We win together, We lose together” ..