FIFA Proclub Malaysia




3. GAME EVERY MONDAY 11.00PM & 11.30PM



1. All communications must be in official LPM discord channel. We will not entertain if team manager fail to comply to this.
2. This process must be done by both teams and each team must give confirmation on the results posted by the opponents.
3. Each team must play according to the date / time that has been scheduled. However, there is flexibility in terms of timing (as long as both team agreed).
4. You are allowed to play earlier/later than the fixed scheduled date (subject to both team agreement). Postpone ticket need to be raised for later date.
5. Results must be updated in discord within 50 hours after the match ended. If team manager fail to comply, that game will be declared as DRAW (0-0) with 0 point.
6. 4 cumulatives DRAW due to (Forfeit Match / Break Rules / No Respond / protest ) could lead to your team be automatically removed from the tournament (Disqualified) and banned for next season.
7. We will not update any delayed result submission (after 50 hours past matchday) without open POSTPONE TICKET.


1. Every manager/club representative is required to post a screenshot of their club lobby in their respective division prematch discord channel before each match (latest by 11.05pm for 1st match, latest by 11.35pm for 2nd match, GMT +8)
2. If there is problem (i.e: server error) leading to match postponement, only the players shown in the the match lobby screenshot (bench included) are allowed to play for the postponed match. No postpone ticket is required if both teams can provide the proof of this to league admin.
3. If a match need to be postponed as per point 2 above, team manager involved need to notify admin on the new agreed date and time the game will be played in the respective discord channel (game must be played before the following gameweek).

*failure to submit a club lobby screenshot before playing a match will result in a forfeit to the offending team


Win : 3 points
Draw : 1 point
Loss : 0 Points

Loss for 3 to 0 with 0 Points


1. The minimum number of players to play an MALAYSIA LEAGUE match is 5.
2. If a team is not able to have 5 players for a fixed match of the tournament the opposite team receives a win by 3-0
3. You have to provide a lines-up image as proof on TICKET PROTEST.
4. 1 PSN id for 1 club / team only. Please check your list player on website.


1. It’s NOT ALLOWED, even if the game allows to do it, charging, moving and bugging opposite goalkeeper on any type of free kick, corner etc.
2. You have to provide a video as proof on PROTEST TICKET (streaming or recorded video) showing that there is a clear charge on goalkeeper.
3. Depending on the severity of the charge a team can ask for the cancellation of the result of a match during which the opposite team has taken advantage for a charge on the goalkeeper.
4. The match can be re-played or, in case of charges without awareness and repeated in time, lost by 3-0 (subject to LPM admin discretion).


1. You are allowed a 10 minutes buffer from fixed scheduled time to start the game. Failure to comply could lead to your team losing the game (if any complaint received via PROTEST TICKET).
2. 2 POSTPONE TICKET will be given to each team per season (1 for home game and 1 for away game).
3. (NEW) If both teams fail to agree on any postponement date, the match will be played according to the fixed time scheduled by admin. Any POSTPONE TICKET raised will not be entertained.
4. POSTPONE TICKET must be raised 3 hours before match-day.
5. If there is no feedback from the opponent whether to continue the match @ postpone (Second Match), after 10 minutes waiting, Awaiting team can UPDATE RESULT AS CLAIMS FREE WIN 3-0.
6. Terms for CLAIM WITH A FREE WIN. Your team must upload / snap latest image of lineup. Claim without latest lineup will not be approved. That title must write “CLAIM FREE WIN DUE TO OPPONENT DID NOT SHOW UP ”.
7. (NEW) Postponed game raised through POSTPONE TICKET must be played within one week from the fixed scheduled time, team CANNOT postpone a postponed match.
8. Please submit your postpone ticket at website or HERE FOR AWAY & HERE FOR HOME


1. Any type of glitch or unfair action against the rules (cheat that resulting to goal) must be applied through (Protest Ticket). Team manager must file a protest ticket together with snap shot/video recording as evidence.
2. Conceded team is advised to continue the game as usual (no rematch) because only the goal will be disallowed/ruled out by the organizer.
3. UNREGISTERED – If unregistered player caught playing in your team for this league, your team will lose the game by 3 – 0, (if any complaint/protest received through PROTEST TICKET).


1. To take cognizance of a hypothetical unfairness in the game, that team must open PROTEST TICKET.
2. Only PROTEST TICKET accompanied by evidence will be entertained.
3. The admin will give the outcome of the PROTEST TICKET opened, and will contact the two teams separately to investigate. The team involved should provide materials/supporting evidence to support their allegation.
4. The protest must be made within the same gameweek (manager is given 1 week to lodge protest ticket). Any protest received after the following gameweek has commenced will not be entertained.
5. Results will be sent via Discord personal message within 7 days from date we received your protest.
6. You can find the ticket in LPM official website under INFO – PROTEST TICKET or click HERE
7. Please be reminded that complaint without PROTEST TICKET will not be entertained.


1. If a player receives 2 yellow cards accumulated sequentially – banned 1 next match.
2. 1 Red Card – banned 1 next match
3. If PROTEST TICKET raised due to fielding a suspended player, your team will be automatically LOST 3-0.

1. If a player receives yellow card in GW 1 2nd match (1130pm) and GW 2 1st match (11pm) the player will be banned for 1 match (GW 2 2nd match 1130pm)
2. If a player receives yellow card in both Matches of GW 1, the player will be banned for 1 match (GW 2 1st match)


1. It is not permitted to leave, or replay the game, in the event of a crash player after 10 minutes (in game time).
2. The abandonment before the 10th minute must be promptly notified by the captain of a team to the opposing captain, and always on the result of 0 to 0.
3. Your team is given a total 2 times of restart per gameweek (1 time per oppo).
4. If the game accidentally disconnected during a play, you have to start a new match and only play the remaining time. Any goal scored before the disconnection will be carried forward. (example: DC at 30th min with score 1-0, play new match until the 60th minute only, we will add the goal from both matches as final result of the game)


  1. In the event that a team withdraws from the competition, the results of the played match will be cancelled, while all the missing match will be assigned to for forfeit opposing teams.
  2. In the case of withdrawal from the league the team concerned shall not take part in the next season of the same league and will be placed on the waiting list and considered as a new club losing all earned title during his journey.


1. All player must register, login and create player
2. Any player who wanted to transfer must obtained their respective club manager’s approval.
3. Manager approval is exempted if the league fee is from the club that use pay per player system to pay the league fee.
4. Any player Transfer without approval by Manager (No.2) and played for other team, That team will be clarified as play with unregistered player.

International TOURNAMENT participation FOR MALAYSIA (ACL / AL / other)

  1. Manager must be a citizen of MALAYSIA
  2. Players in the club must be the majority of MALAYSIANS PLAYER
  3. If equal, the decision will be made by the organizer whether to approve or reject
  4. Please punctual before the start of the game because you carry the name of your country.
  5. Good Luck


We play to add more online friends; together we simplify dealings with the opposing team. Discretion and tolerance is the main motive of the organization of this league.

“We win together, We lose together” ..