FIFA Proclub Malaysia


How to use Postpone Ticket

  • 1. If given a timetable, and received confirmation from the other team , the match will be not played for not-attendance from one of the two, after 30 min from the set time the team deficit will automatically lose the match
  • 2. Each team was given a POSTPONE TICKET of 2 times only per season. 1 ticket for Home, 1 ticket for away.
  • 3. Team have emergency problem to play match-day must request POSTPONE TICKET.
  • 4. This ticket can be use before reaching 3 hours matchday. If request after 3 hours will not approve
  • 5. If don’t have any feedback from the opponent whether to continue the match @ postpone, after 15 minutes waiting on lineups, Awaiting team can UPDATE RESULT AS CLAIMS FREE WIN 2-0.
  • 6. Terms for CLAIM WITH A FREE WIN. Your team must upload / snap image latest lineups during waiting opponent come. Claim without latest lineups will not approve. That title must write “CLAIM FREE WIN OPPONENT NOT COME”.
  • 7. Opponent can apply one more postpone ticket if not agree date / time selected by your team. Please discuss with your opponent first.